I currently work as a video editor and motion graphics artist at Focus by LTA in Austin, Texas. Our team works to create commercials, digital display pieces, YouTube videos and other high-end photography and video pieces for our clients across the state.


Most waste haulers will charge extra for large, bulky items in your property's garbage area. Waste Consolidators Inc. will haul away your headaches and take the pressure off you and your staff by eliminating issues before you even notice them. We will spot and remove any bulky items, such as couches, mattresses, pallets, washers, dryers, etc within 48 hours.


A video documenting a short trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Exploring the relationships and personalities of a once tightly knit group of friends.

City Roots worker, Bobby Weslowski, walks me through a year in the life of City Roots, the only sustainable farm inside the city limits of Columbia. 

After researching and interviewing dozens of people over a study abroad summer semester in Germany this video demonstrates our findings about street sports in Berlin and Munich Germany, as well as displaying the editing, filming, and producing aspects of video journalism. 

"Out of the Box" highlights how families and adolescents struggle against the social stigmas associated with learning disabilities. This film follows the personal journey children take to overcome their challenges and learn about themselves. Created for local company, Discovery Therapies, in Columbia, SC

Campus Movie Fest is a yearly movie festival that comes to USC's campus. I took this opportunity to produce, film, and edit this satirical short film, Silhouette, which picks on the music video culture and all the cheese that goes along with it. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte is a satirical short film I directed and filmed with a small group which pokes fun of the overwhelming obsessions with pumpkin flavored everything during the fall months.